Security Gates in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Glendale, and all the Surrounding Areas

When you buy your first house, you do everything in your power to safeguard the possessions inside the house. But have you thought about protecting your property from outside as well? Automated Gate Supply, founded in 2003, has been offering various quality gate related products to our customers.  So, whenever you need help with those gate breaks, remote issues, or any other problems related to your security gates, you can bank on us. Even if you have purchased your gates from other distributors, we can help you with the warranties and supply you with parts in times of emergencies. Serving in the regions of Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, and Santa Monica for over 20 years has made us the go-to company for any electric gate repair, or installation services. Our network of resources has helped us in bringing to you top-notch manufactures, local gate installers, and service providers. 

Below we have mentioned the top 3 reasons why security gates are essential for every property. Take a look. 

  • Increases security 

This is the foremost reason of having secured gates, especially for your commercial property. When you increase the security it will lessen the infiltrations and deter burglars to some extent as they would preferably select a house with lesser security measures. 

  • Allows access control 

By installing automatic security gates, you will be able to control who enters your property. These gates are usually fitted with a wireless transmitter or a keypad that restricts the entry of anyone; only those having the code can pass through. You can even install the voice intercom system. 

  • Convenient operation 

By upgrading your system, you will be able to enjoy easy and convenient operations of your gate by just a touch of a remote-control button. Automatic gates will relieve you of the chore to manually open and close the gate every time you pass through. This investment will save you time and energy. 

So, if you want to install security gates in your property, you can call us on (818) 765-3636. 

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