Simple setup by mobile phone. Connect to the system video directly through your phone’s or tablet’s wifi, enter the pass code for the home hub wifi and your devices are connected. View the gate/door any time with monitoring mode!

BFT Predator

  • Open gates with your phone / tablet.
  • Speak to, and see your visitor from your smart-phone.
  • Easy wireless connection to existing home wifi.
  • Long range directional patch antenna at gate (up to 200 yards)
  • Can call up to 4 devices at the same time.
  • Get a video call from your gate / door even when you’re away
  • No SIM card, no call charges (data charges may apply when phone not connected to wifi).
  • No home phone line needed
  • Less susceptible to lighting strikes – no wire in the ground

Open Signal is a good APP to check direction for Antenna
Find Tower is a good APP to check what service is strong in a specific area.