AGS Steel Wheels(4″-6″)


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    With all the features and capabilities of the SW-300AC, the SW-300DC offers an even greater unrivaled performance thanks to its industry first brushless DC motor technology (no maintenance, high torque, and smooth quiet operation). SW-300DC can move gates that are up to 20 feet wide and 1,200 lbs. heavy.

    DC operators are equipped with a control board that offers an array of features that include a programmable relay and leaf delay, slow start/stop algorithm, and solar power capability. The integrated battery backup offers up to two weeks of uninterrupted operation in the event of a power outage. The brushless DC motors are smooth and quiet but are powerful and durable and require zero maintenance.


    2016 UL 325 & UL 991 Compliant
    Warranty Full 7 Year Residential, 5 Year Commercial
    Motor 24 VDC Brushless 1/2 HP
    Duty Cycle Continuous Cycle
    Power Options 115/230 VAC Single Phase and 24VDC Solar Panel
    Gear Box Ratio 60:1 with Internal Clutch
    Cover Rotationally Molded – Indestructible
    Dimensions W: 21″ – L: 17″ – H 25.5″
    Maximum Gate Length 20 Feet
    Maximum Gate Weight 1200 lbs
    Gate Travel Speed Adjustable 14-25 Seconds per 90 Opening
    Operator Weight 144 lbs
    Emergency Release Options No-Bind, Band release Arm
    Battery Backup Integrated with two 7AH batteries 12VDC
    Solar Capabilities 12VDC or 24VDC Solar Panel Input