Gate Repair in North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Santa Monica, and Nearby Cities

Do you have an automatic gate in your building? Then you must have experienced the great convenience of it. However, since it’s electrically operated it can tend to falter at times. This is when you call for gate repair from Automated Gate Supply. We, being a family-owned business operating locally, are quite aware of the various types of gates that are installed in almost all the houses. In times of urgency when your gate gets stuck, nothing’s more frustrating than that. Over the years, we have built our goodwill by having a well-stocked warehouse and providing quick delivery in and around the regions of North Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, and Santa Monica. We take great pride in our friendly and highly-skilled staff who can offer you excellent solutions regarding your gate services by using their years of experience and knowledge. They even guide you through the operation process, maintenance services, and customer support after the installation is completed.

Below we have mentioned 2 common signs that show your automatic gate needs repair. Take a look.

  • Weird beeping sounds

Automatic gates have many electrical components; all together they function in operating the gate. If anyone of such component malfunctions, an annoying beeping noise can be heard. This could be a cause of concern; it could be due to the low power of the battery or a major reason. This is the time to consult with a professional as it might require technical skills.

  • Poor sensor response issues

Any automatic gate relies heavily on sensors. As they are operated via a remote, these sensors catch the signal and follow the necessary activity. But, over prolonged use, these sensors might be broken, take longer time to respond, or experience faulty frequency interference. If after replacing the batteries the problem persists, the sensors have to be repaired.

So, if you are looking for any professional to repair your electric gate, you can get in touch with us on (818) 765-3636.

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