Frequently Asked Questions Electric Gate Openers, Security Gates, Electric Gate Installation, Gate Repair, and Access Control Systems in Glendale, North Hollywood, Burbank, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, CA, and Surrounding Areas

What ways can a gate open?

An electric gate installation comes with three different options for gate opening:

The option you choose will largely depend on available space around where the electric gate will be located. We will be happy to go over the different options for your space and what you are looking for.

How will my gate know when to open or close?

Choosing how your electric gate is trigged to open and close depends on a couple of factors including desired security level, the number of automatically allowed vehicles, average traffic, and your own requirements. And, the options for your gate may change depending on whether it is for commercial or residential use. Here are some of the most popular automated gate opening options and we can help you pick the perfect solution for you.

  • Card fob or Key fob – A commercial option for frequent users. It can also be paired with another option, such as telephone or video entry system, for deliveries and guests.
  • Telephone – The most common for all types of entry for both residential and commercial. Users select an option or input a code that goes directly to a person with the authority to open the gate.
  • Sensors – many different sensors can give gate access including bar code sensors or other devices including the new use of specialized magnets.
Is it possible to install a gate and opener myself?

It is not recommended to install a gate and opener without a professional. Remember, your gate is comprised of many different components – sensors, weights, electric, rollers, and more. If one of these items are not installed correctly, your gate could be inoperative and potentially dangerous. And trust us, there are very few things more frustrating than an electric gate opener that is not functioning correctly.

Automated Gate Supply can connect you with a local electric gate installation expert for residents near North Hollywood, and the surrounding area.

How much maintenance is needed?

The starting point of low maintenance security gates is a high-quality gate installation. This way you are guaranteed to have high-quality parts and avoid the need for frequent electric gate repair associated with low-quality components. After that, your maintenance will look something like this:

Clean and wax – Your gate will need a quality wax once a year. This prevents the paint from peeling, flaking, and becoming damaged by environmental contaminants.

Clean the area around the gate – There are two things you need to watch out for: 1 – landscaping, 2 – pests. Overgrown landscaping can leave damaging debris. Pests, such as slugs, bees, and spiders, can deposit conductive materials or disrupt circuitry from nest building.

Lubricate all moving parts and components – This should be done quarterly. We recommend a lubricant, such as white lithium grease, not a water displacer or cleaner such as WD-40.

What safety features are available?

Some municipalities may require a second safety feature such as a photo beam that when interrupted, stops and reverses gate movement. At Automated Gate Supply, we are familiar with local regulations and can help you find the right safety features for your electric gate installation. You may be familiar with the common “reverse function” safety feature. This is when a gate reverses direction after encountering resistance, whether pressure or an object impeding movement. There are also regional regulations regarding safety features. That’s why it is crucial to work with knowledgeable gate suppliers.

Who do I call if my electronic gate stops working or won’t open?

he first call should be to your installer that completed your electronic gate installation. After installation, they should have given you a number to a call immediately if your electronic gate opener failed in one capacity or another. If you don’t have an installer to call or if your installer is unavailable, let us know. We have been in Southern California for 20 years and have built many partnerships with local electric gate repair and installation specialists.

Do not ever try to force your gate open unless it is an emergency.

What is the lifespan for a gate before it needs replacement?

With proper maintenance, the typical lifespan of an electric gate is around 10-15 years. The doors of security gates are built to be tough and it is usually the electric gate opener that encounters the first complications. Of course, this varies by product and we can give you more information when we give you an estimate for the gate system you select. For all electric gate repairs, Automated Gate Supply can provide you with every replacement part that you may need.

How long does it take to get an electric gate installed?

Once delivered, your new electrical gate installation will only take about half a day. We can refer you to a trusted local gate installer that can provide you with an estimate based on availability and your specific project needs.

What are access control systems?

Assess control security refers to a type of system that monitors who can gain access to a certain area typically with a key card, key fob, or by entering a code. This may be for entry into a building or to resources, such as warehouses or spaces with inventory or machinery.

Automated Gatey Supply can work with you to find the best access control system for your needs.

Why should we use access control systems rather than keys?

Access control security has many benefits over traditional key entry, such as:

  • Monitor which individual is going in and out
  • Keep a record of when employees are entering including during off-hours
  • Ability to set times for when entry and exit are permitted
  • Disable a card or key fob at a moment’s notice
Can I make access security separate for different employees?

Yes, and this is one of the benefits of access control security. You can control access to inventory, high-risk zones, or areas with restricted information differently from employee to employee.  You can also control the various times and days employees are allowed access.

How can I use access control for my property?

Let’s say you have many different points where you want to control access. You start with general gate entry but then also have storage, private areas, and safety risk zones. You can program key cards or key fobs with the various areas you want an individual to be able to enter or have access to.