Barrier Gates in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Thousand Oaks, Glendale and Nearby Cities

When you’re looking for electric gate openers and electric gate operators, Automated Gate Supply is your source throughout North Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Beverly Hills. As a supplier with 20 years of experience, we know about all things having to do with electric gate openers. We either carry or can find the right system for you, your application, and your budget. You’ll be surprised at the many options you can find for an electric gate opener. And when it comes time for installation, we can help recommend an installer for you.

Electric Gate Operator

When you start to look at electric gate operators, you are going to be surprised at how intricate and big they are. The reason why they are so large is that there a lot of moving parts that need to work together to open a robust gate. Also, whatever source of trigger needs to be aligned with the electric gate operator. Your options for triggers may include:

  • key card
  • key fob
  • codeElectric Gate Operator
  • numeric code
  • video camera authorization

This is also a reason why we never recommend trying to install electron gate openers yourself. You do not want to harm any parts or take a chance on voiding the warranty. We have plenty of installers we can recommend that do work throughout North Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Beverly Hills. Installation can be complicated and involve electrical work, moving barriers and more.


Electric Gate Opener​s ​for Sliding or Swing Gates

The way an electric gate operator makes your electric gate will open largely depends on the amount of space you have. In older homes and commercial locations this can start to get a little tricky. Some areas may only have the available space for one of the choices. But don’t worry, there are plenty of designs in different budget ranges for all types of sliding or swing gates. And, trust us when we say we have access to all different options and there is bound to be a solution for you to enjoy the security and privacy an electric gate opener can help provide.

Complete Electric Gate Systems and Packages

The great part of electric gate openers is that they can come in all different packages, sizes, functionality or more. Some electric gate openers come as part of a complete package. Others can be customized to how you want. For example, we’ve had customers request electric gate operators that are fast, and some customers request them that are quiet. Whatever you are looking for throughout North Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, and Beverly Hills, we’ll help you get it.