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Hollywood is a great location in North Los Angeles and has many attractions. However, the great area with shops, nightclubs, and restaurants does come at a cost. Hollywood has a higher rate of crime and theft than the national average. We know that if you have a location in Hollywood, security is most likely a big concern of yours. Let Automated Gate Supply take the hassle of designing, ordering, and installing your security system. We have been helping the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas for more than 20 years. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We also have free delivery and competitive prices.

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Not every system will work in every location. For example, security gates can be a problem when it comes to available space. Luckily, we have a wide network of distributors we work with and can find something that will work with you such as security gates that swing, roll up, or roll to the side. Other access systems that often need to be customized are access control systems. Access control systems come in a wide range of functions including keycard, keyfob, and security code. While many of these are used specifically for a door access control system, they can also be customized for certain areas within a building for inventory, sensitive information, and other types of control.

Barrier Gates and Gate Security in Hollywood, CA

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Sometimes you might need additional security that is temporary or for a certain event. We can handle many different types of security and this includes crowd control barriers and barrier gates. For controlling pedestrian traffic, lines, and special event access areas, crowd control barriers are a great option to customize as needed. Don’t stress yourself out and don’t compromise on the security you or your event needs. Gate security is another great item that can be customized and increased or decreased as needed. Gate security is the first barrier to your location and a great way to control who and who doesn’t have access.

Access Control Systems for Hollywood, CA

Hollywood is of course the reference for what is considered the people, culture, and identity of the film industry. The largest of the studios Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, and Universal Pictures were all founded in Hollywood. While most have moved on, Paramount Pictures stays true to its roots keeping their studios open and working in Hollywood, CA.