Barrier Gates For Burbank, Santa Monica, Glendale, Beverly Hills, and North Hollywood

Your main entrance has a nice, ornate automated gate. It keeps out the nosey neighbors and pets and keeps your family safe and your privacy intact. But you may also have other entrances to your property, or to another property you own, and you want to help keep that entrance secure and to keep people from driving on your property. Or you can use barrier gates to help meter your parking area and used it in connection with security personnel. There are a variety of applications for barrier gates, and Automated Gate Supply can help determine what is the best option and supply you with the equipment to keep it operational.

What Are Barrier Gates

Barrier gates are devices that are used to block entrances, preventing vehicles from entering or exiting. They come in a variety of designs for different applications. Some barrier gates are just a frame shaped like a sideways A that crosses an entrance. Others are like the bars that come down at a railroad crossing. Some are short to accommodate a small space. But what they all have in common is that they are designed to control the flow of vehicle traffic.

Some barrier gates are used on private property, especially when it’s a secondary piece of property or land that the owner is often not there. Other barrier gates are used in connection with a gate house where a person is often stationed to help determine if someone should be let through the gate. Some barrier gates are used for a neighborhood where the owners only want to have authorized vehicles coming through the neighborhood.

Keep Your Barrier Gates At Optimal Performance

Automated Gate Supply has everything you need to keep your barrier gate in top working order. There are a number of pieces to the system that can go wrong. The motor that lifts the gate could stop working, some of the gears could get stripped, the circuit boards used could blow out, and more. From chains and photo eyes to wheels and entrapment protection devices, Automated Gate Supply has everything you need to ensure your barrier gate operates when you need it to. These can even be paired with wireless remotes or mounted pinpads for additional security.

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