Access Control Security For Beverly Hills, Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, and Santa Monica

You’ve probably seen them before, they look like portable bike racks. Or the metal accordion barriers that sometimes get put across a stairway entrance, hallways or doorways. All of these different designs are meant for two things: controlling access and security. There are many reasons why you may want to have these access control security measures: keeping people out of harm’s way during construction and remodeling, crowd control during special events, directing the flow of traffic where you want them to go and more. Additionally, there are other traffic control devices that help with access control for gates, doors and more. Together, these access control security devices ensure your safety and that of your customers.

Crowd Control Devices

All sorts of organizations, from churches and grocery stores to museums and restaurants, can benefit from having some crowd control devices on hand for different events. A great option is the Turtleguard Railing System which is portable and flexible in the setup. You can connect many of these sections together as you need and they are able to be connected in a variety of angles. You can use these to direct where people go, create multiple lines of entry or exit, use them to section off areas where you don’t want people to go and more.

Other crowd control devices are the accordion-style barricades. These come in a variety of sizes and lengths, but they all do the same thing in preventing people from going where you don’t want them to go. One of the significant advantages of these barricades is that they can be used for multiple applications because they can stretch out to suit different width needs. Small doorways up to wide garage doors and more can be effectively cordoned off using these barricades.

Traffic Control Devices

Along with various crowd control devices in your access control security lineup, you should consider different traffic control devices as well. These units help to aid you in controlling who has access to parts of your property. They allow you to have both stationary and remote access controls for garage doors, gates, and other property access barriers. These can be hard-wired devices or wireless devices, and you can even provide secure access codes for individual people so only authorized personnel can access certain places. Your access control security is important, and Automated Gate Supply can help get you the right equipment for your needs.

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